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TV Alabama Community College Policies and Responsibilities
Students are responsible for reading, understanding and following TV Alabama Community College campus policies outlined in the General Information Section of the College Catalog and Student Handbook.

Employees can reference the

Statement of Equal Opportunity
College Policy on equal opportunity

Alabama Community College System Board Policies and Chancellor's Procedures

Business Office Policies and Procedures

Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Instruction Policies and Procedures

Student Services Policies and Procedures

AI Policy Statement

Academic Advising

Academic Appeals

Academic Bankruptcy

Academic Honors

Academic Integrity

Alcohol and Drug Prevention Abuse Policy

CACC Substantive Change Implementation Checklist

CACC Substantive Change Policy Procedures

CACC Substantive Change Program - Course Crosswalk

Cell Phones Policy

Class Attendance

Classification of Students

Clean Air Policy

College Committees

Complaint Process for Online Students

Complaint and Grievance Procedures

Conducting Campus Activities

Copyright File Sharing

Course Auditing

Course Forgiveness Repeat

Course Load Requirements

Credit Hour Definition

Distance and Correspondence Education Policy

Emergency Notification System

Equal Opportunity in Education and Employment

Examinations and Grading

Expressive Activities by the Campus Community

Financial Aid Appeal

Fundraising Policy

Grades of Incomplete

Grading System

Independent Studies

Orientation Course

Posting Signs or Flyers Policy


President's List & Dean's List

Privacy Notice

Reporting Accidents, Injuries, and Safety Concerns

Student Code of Conduct Policies and Procedures

Student Right To Know Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

Visiting Speaker, Performer, or Program Policy