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Adult Education

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English Language Classes

English Language Classes

Consider enrolling in our Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IEL/CE) course if you’re looking to enhance your proficiency in the English language. This comprehensive program offers a multifaceted approach to language learning, focusing on listening, speaking, and writing skills. Delivered at no cost to participants, the course provides structured instruction designed to accommodate learners at various proficiency levels, ensuring that you receive tailored support to achieve your language learning goals. Through engaging lessons and interactive activities, you’ll have the opportunity to develop fluency and confidence in expressing yourself effectively in English, whether in everyday conversations, academic settings, or professional contexts. Additionally, the course integrates civics education, offering valuable insights into American culture, history, and civic responsibilities, thereby enriching your overall language learning experience. Join us in this enriching journey to enhance your English skills and empower yourself for greater opportunities and success.

Adult Secondary Education

(High School Options)/GED® Test Preparation

Adult secondary education/GED® test preparation programs cater to the needs of adults who possess foundational literacy skills but face challenges in fully mastering essential academic competencies. These individuals may be proficient in navigating everyday tasks but still require support to enhance their reading, writing, speaking, problem-solving, and computation abilities to reach a level of proficiency equivalent to that of high school graduates. The instruction provided in these programs is specifically designed to address the unique learning needs and goals of adult learners, ensuring that they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in earning a high school equivalency credential, such as the GED®. Through comprehensive and targeted instruction, participants in adult secondary education/GED® test preparation programs are empowered to overcome educational barriers, enhance their academic capabilities, and pursue further education or career opportunities with confidence and success.

Family Literacy

Family literacy is of paramount importance as it lays the groundwork for academic success, strengthens familial bonds, and fosters cultural preservation. By engaging in literacy activities together, such as reading and storytelling, parents and caregivers not only contribute to the development of essential language and cognitive skills in children but also create meaningful connections within the family unit. These shared experiences not only enhance academic achievement but also empower parents to actively participate in their children’s education, breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Furthermore, family literacy serves as a means of preserving cultural heritage, allowing traditions, values, and knowledge to be passed down from one generation to the next. Ultimately, family literacy is not just about teaching literacy skills; it’s about building strong foundations for lifelong learning, promoting positive family dynamics, and empowering individuals to thrive in their personal, academic, and cultural endeavors.

College and Career Readiness

College-Readiness entails the essential skills and knowledge for first-time college students to excel in credit-bearing courses. This includes proficiency in core academic subjects, critical thinking, problem-solving, and familiarity with college-level expectations, ensuring students are prepared for higher education success. Career-Readiness extends beyond academics to encompass technical and soft skills necessary for high school graduates to transition smoothly into their chosen careers. This includes effective communication, teamwork, and an understanding of industry standards, equipping graduates for success whether they pursue further education or enter the workforce directly.

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GED Preparation Classes

GED Preparation Classes

Get prepared to pass the GED by taking free classes with TV Alabama Community College division of Adult Learning. Classes are flexible and convenient to fit your busy schedule. The GED test costs $120 ($30 per section). Our students can earn GED test vouchers that will cover the cost for both the GED Ready Official Practice Test and the GED exam. Online classes are available now.

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High School Diploma Options (HSO)

High School Diploma Options (HSO)

The Alabama Non-Traditional High School Diploma Option (HSO or HSDO) program is a partnership between Alabama Adult Education and the Alabama State Department of Education to provide students with an alternative to the GED high school equivalency.

  • It allows adult education students to earn a H.S. Diploma.
  • The diploma is issued by the high school or school district that the student last attended.

The program provides two options:

  • Option 1 – For an adult who attended an Alabama high school and earned enough credits to graduate, but did not pass the high school graduation exam.
  • Option 2 – For an adult who earned 10 or more credits from an Alabama high school and requires additional credits for high school completion.

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Career Pathways

Employment/Career Training

If you are looking to update your employability skills enroll in one of our Career Pathway classes. Currently we are offering these Free Career Pathway classes:

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Who can take the GED?

The eligibility requirements for GED testing include: Not graduated from an accredited high school or received a high school equivalency certificate or diploma.