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Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment Transfer Pathways

TV Alabama Community College partners with several four-year institutions on current enrollment transfer pathways. Concurrent enrollment provides students with an opportunity to complete an Associate in Science degree at CACC while also taking courses in their chosen major at their chosen four-year school.

What are the benefits of concurrent enrollment?

• You will simultaneously earn college credits at CACC and a four-year university. In most cases, you will pay CACC’s tuition rate for the courses you take at the university.

• You will be more likely to finish your university degree within four years.

• You will qualify for automatic admission to a four-year university when you complete concurrent enrollment.

• You will receive some four-year student benefits like library access and a university ID.

• You will have additional scholarship opportunities at the four-year university.

What majors are available through concurrent enrollment? CACC offers nearly twenty pathways toward degrees at four-year universities. The specific pathways are available on each of the concurrent pathway pages. How does a student participate in concurrent enrollment? Some concurrent enrollment programs require an application, available on each school’s concurrent enrollment page. Applications will be accepted until the published deadline or until the program is full. For more information, contact Brandy Mitchell, Dean of Academics, at