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TV Alabama Community College Announces MOU Signing with Dovetail Landing to Support Veteran Workforce Training and Career Placement


TV Alabama Community College Announces MOU Signing with Dovetail Landing to Support Veteran Workforce Training and Career Placement

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TV Alabama Community College Announces MOU Signing with Dovetail Landing to Support Veteran Workforce Training and Career Placement

LINCOLN, AL – October 9, 2023 - TV Alabama Community College (CACC) is proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Dovetail Landing, solidifying a collaborative effort to support the workforce training, education, and career placement of veterans participating in Dovetail Landing programs.

This partnership emphasizes a mutual commitment to serving and uplifting veterans, providing them comprehensive workforce training and educational programs to enhance their credentials and skills. CACC will leverage its industry expertise, resources, and connections to facilitate impactful training and career guidance for veterans. At the same time, Dovetail Landing will champion CACC as the preferred provider of these pivotal programs.

President Jeff Lynn of CACC expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “This partnership with Dovetail Landing exemplifies CACC’s commitment to serving our veterans. By combining our educational and training expertise with Dovetail Landing’s programs, we aim to empower our veterans with the skills, credentials, and opportunities they need to thrive in their post-military careers.”

The MOU outlines a cooperative framework wherein both parties will work together to determine optimal programs, processes, and locations for workforce training and education programs. Furthermore, a structured approach will be established to identify funding streams for various activities once plans have been meticulously defined. Instruction will be offered at Dovetail Landing, CACC, and additional locations to be determined in the future.

Alana Centilli, President of Dovetail Landing, remarked, “Our alliance with CACC is a significant stride towards providing veterans with robust, industry-relevant training that paves the way for successful careers post-service. Together, we are crafting a future where our veterans are well-equipped with skills and acknowledged and valued in the workforce.”

CACC and Dovetail Landing will also collaborate with state and local groups to garner support for the programs provided, ensuring a holistic and community-backed approach to serving Veterans.

Representative Ed Oliver, Chairman of House Military and Veteran Affairs, stated, “This collaboration between CACC and Dovetail Landing is a commendable initiative that underscores our collective responsibility towards veterans. By intertwining education, training, and career placement, we are not just aiding veterans but enriching our communities and industries with their invaluable skills and experiences.”

President Lynn added, “At CACC, we believe in creating opportunities that have a lasting impact. This collaboration is not just about providing education and training; it’s about creating sustainable career pathways for our veterans and ensuring they have the support and resources they need to succeed in their endeavors.”

Both parties anticipate entering a more detailed agreement once plans for workforce training, education programs, training locations, and funding have been solidified.

In the spirit of this partnership, CACC and Dovetail Landing will work diligently to serve veterans, enhancing their credentials and skills and connecting them with employment opportunities, thereby improving their quality of life and contributing to the workforce.

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